January 02, 2013

New beginnings

I can't quite believe that I am back on the blogging trail after so long away, but H had decided that we need a project for the New Year and so I will be group blogging here along with my 3 closest friends, H, J and M, whom I went to University with in 1994. I already think that I will end up blogging more than they will, althought perhaps they will surprise me with their comments on life now and then.
I hope that we get to understand each other a little better, with thoughts on what brings us together, as well as what makes us different. God knows that our lives are all on alternative trajectories, but I suppose that is what has made things interesting over the years.
Maybe it will inspire me to get back on my own blog and make some electronic notes on what happened after the plane landed back on Yorkshire soil....actually, not that much now I think of it!