August 31, 2006

Newcastle airport

I am sat blogging from the airport lounge while I wait for my first flight. I have bought a new watch as I left mine at home in Northallerton and I keep getting texted from friends that are either excited to see me, or amazed that I have gone so fast.

How wierd does this feel? Another airport, another flight. I was still in Canada this time last week and as of tomorrow I will be starting another job, still with no place to live, but that should come pretty quickly. My brain cannot process what is going on, but my stomach is doing a pretty good job. I don't think I have been able to eat since Tuesday afternoon, but that is Ok.

K and N will be waiting for me when my second plane lands in Warsaw at 7.55 this evening. After that is anybodys guess, there are people to meet, classrooms to set up and adjustments to be made. Luckily, J has already pencilled me in for Green Coffee on Saturday afternoon. I know that as soon as I am sat there with her everything will feel normal again. I never realised how much I had longed for Poland until this chance jumped up and grabbed me. So fast, so fast, I had to jump and grab it right back.

August 30, 2006


Imagine having 24 hours to pack up everything to move some-where hundreds of miles away. This job in Warsaw has all been so last minute that I am sitting surrounded by stuff that I think I might need when I am over there. I am at least ahead this time, I am not stocking up on stuff that I know I can get in Poland. I am not panicking about getting a new wintercoat, because I know I can get one there.

Ally and I chatted this morning about me going back and we talked about how long we usually spend packing up our flats and getting ready to go some-where new. For me, getting ready to go is all about emotions as well as having the stuff that you need. Going shopping, remembering socks and your toothpaste all make you feel prepared for being in a different place, a different job.

I need to remember that Warsaw is not the place it was when I left. Friends have moved on and new people have taken their place. Still, I can't wait to see J, walk down the corridors of that school again and see how many children are left from the first time around. I am so pleased too at having the chance to blog about Poland like I blogged about Paris. With my new camera, I can snap the Poland that I loved as well as the Paris that is so well known.

My flight leaves early tomorrow. More packing, more clothes, more things to do yet.

August 29, 2006

Warsaw to Paris and back to Warsaw

I came trudging downstairs this morning headed straight for the kettle and a hot cup of Earl Grey tea. Greeting me were voicemails from my boss at the school in Warsaw where I worked for two years. After some last minute problems with new staff, they were short for the start of the school year and have offered me a job.

Here I sit, a couple of hours later, back onto Warsaw to Paris, only now I need to change the title to Warsaw to Paris then back to Warsaw. I am waiting for more phonecalls, arrangements have to be made, and very quickly I might add. The cold plain fact is that I accepted and will be going back to Poland for at least a few months.

I feel sick to my stomach with the sheer speed of it all, but I was in love with Poland and I will be happy to go back there for a while. Looks like I will be back on this blog now.