July 31, 2009

Mine all mine

Has the world not been given the memo? Why does no-one realise that Paris belongs to me? It is mine, my secret city, the one where I wander down the streets that bring forth in me the most heart wrenching emotions and make me remember why the French Capital has been immortalised in so many songs, paintings and films.

Going back there was the emotional experience I expected, but also held quite a few surprises. Firstly, I had forgotten how expensive the city is. Ridiculously expensive, like 5 times more to sit and have a coffee than Northallerton or Budapest. And the cost of everything just makes people shrug their shoulders and say 'well, it is Paris...'

Seeing D and L again felt like no time had passed at all, but it has. Three years since I stood weeping at the airport, with D, L and J watching me go through the departure gate like a scene from French Kiss, I walked on, didn't look back and moved to Budapest. There was a bit of messing about in the middle, but too long a story for here and now.

The Five days went by in a whirl of dinner parties in the 16th arrondisement, summer soldes at Le Printemps and walks in the Jardin du Luxembourg that felt some-how like the moment had passed. I love Paris, and I have loved it and missed it while I was away, now that the mad ideal I had built up in my mind has been knocked down a bit maybe I can enjoy the city for what it is...romantic, breathtaking and special. Only for me though.

July 14, 2009

Long enough

Has it been long enough to be considered a proper break? Five weeks or so feels like a long time, although not that much has happened. I am back in North Yorkshire and being slowly driven mad by the lack of transport, and thereby being stuck at home with nothing but daytime TV, a load of friends who are still at work and parents who want to 'talk about your plans for the future'. I once read that we all become children in our parents house and have to say that has felt more true on this trip than any other. I love North Yorkshire and I love my parents, I just love them more when I have my own car.

Shining on the horizon are the scintillement lights of the Eiffel Tower, sparkling just for me as I ready myself for Paris on Thursday of this week. The weather should be perfect and the idea of a noisette with D, or a Sunday in the Jardin du Luxembourg is sending me into a spin. I am still reeling with emotion about my trip to France and it is hard not to wonder what it would be like to live there again. More boring navel gazing, so I will leave those thought tucked into a drawer at the back of my mind until the time comes again for an emtional de-clutter. I am going to snap happy while I am away, with a wonderous week in the Isle of Skye to follow my city chick wanderings around the City of Light.