June 12, 2010

The Hungarian Plains

I'm off to the Black Forest on Monday, so I certainly was not supposed to be going anywhere else so close to the end of the year with our students, but one sick teacher and a packed bag later I found myself off to the Hungarian Plains with 44 of the smallest students I have ever taken away on a residential trip before, 7 year olds. I love going on these trips as I find that you go to places you would never see in a million years, and this part of the Plains was no exception. It is staggeringly beautiful, and mind blowingly flat. So flat, that there is no vista, just land for miles.

The kids got to ride horses and go and see a working farm, by far and away my favourite bit was getting to see some Mangalica pigs, curly haired, Hungarian native pigs that live a much longer life and produce incredible meat, I even read an article saying that loads of chefs in New York were starting to breed them, such was the gastronomic wonder of their meat. Made me happy to see them wandering in the yard soaked in mud, happy little things.

We also watched a horse show, ate so much Hungarian food it is a wonder the kids could walk, including the best gulyasleves I have ever had. We rounded off the days away with lots of playing in the shade, and watching a herd of horses in the fields around us charge into their very own pool in an attempt at keeping cool, something I never accomplished, the heat on the Plains is intense, there is no-where for it to go, relentless and never ending, like the Plains themselves. This is a very little travelled to part of Hungary, but definitely worth it if you are the adventurous type.