August 09, 2009

Over the sea to Skye

This summer has been in very definite chunks of time; a week in Budapest, two weeks in Yorkshire, Paris, more Yorkshire, Isle of Skye and then Budapest. Now that I am back from the Isle of Skye, all thoughts return from holidays to real life and a return to Hungary. This has been the summer that lasted forever, with the simultaneous feeling that there has been lots going on and also long stretches of very little.

The Isle of Skye was simply one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I will be posting pictures over the next few days.Skye involved lots of things, all of which were affected by the weather. The wondrous landscape is sweeping, breathtaking and ever changing as the clouds, sun, rain and mist waves across the peaks and valleys. To wake up every morning and look out at the Cuillin Moutains was a joy.

The beautful joy of sitting at my little desk in the VII district and listening to the life around me whilst sipping coffee is what I am looking forward to now, as I travel home to Budapest on Tuesday morning. I have enjoyed taking pictures over the last few weeks and am hoping to have the time to sort all the pics out before the end of the week. I never imagined that I would miss my little apartment so much, that I would long for the sights, smells and, most importantly, the sunshine of my lovely Jewish quarter.