April 30, 2007

A new sort of waiting space

Now that the job has been accepted I find myself in a different sort of waiting space. It is only three months before I plan on being on a plane and off to Budapest but three months now seems like a long time to wait. I will be working most of that time, but once you get yourself into a mindset that everything is going to change, your attitude alters long before your location does.

It is Monday morning and the start of another week, already I feel strange. Only now is the reality of having found what I was looking for sinking in. I looked around my room this morning and started to think about suitcases and shoes, imagining how may pairs of jeans I can fit into my bag. I have found a new sort of waiting space, this one feels more urgent, more strange, more exciting.

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April 28, 2007


In the end it all happened very quickly and I interviewed, was offered and accedpted the job within 24 hours. A couple of weeks ago there were two jobs that I could really see myself enjoying and being good at and I was happy that I got the one that I wanted in the end. I have been to Budapest once, which is once more than I had been to Warsaw before I moved there so I am already on familiar ground. I went with J one summer when we were on our train travels around Europe and we both thought that it was an amazing city.

I feel at home in Eastern Europe, I looked at some Hungarian language stuff last night and already found a few words that are very similar to Polish so I can look forward to learning a new language again. I always say this when I move somewhere new, but I really should get sorted and have some lessons this time. I love Hungarian food and am excited about reading local papers and finding out about news and politics in this place.

Above all I feel relief, the job sounds amazing and the city full of secrets to be discovered and I know that I will be very happy there. This was a job worth waiting for, and I am very happy that I didn't take the first place that offered me a job, glad that I waited for the one that I wanted.

April 27, 2007

April 26, 2007

All over bar the shouting

By this time tomorrow I will have accepted a job and be dreaming of a regular paycheck in September. The secret will be revealed On Friday evening. Have a guess then...

April 25, 2007

Sneaking off

Now that I am working back at my old school here N and I have developed the habit of sneaking off work at lunchtimes and driving off for a bit of space and a good gossip. She had lots of questions today as I really need to get my head into gear and start making some desicions about what it is that I want from life for the next few years. It has bothered me for a while that I don't own a house or flat and where-ever I choose to go next that will definately be on the agende, whether it is home or away.

Now that there are lots of offers and opportunities on the table it is hard to get my head round. After waiting for so long I am ill equipped to deal with the big choices with confidence, there is so much riding on what I say yes to. Back to my gut feeling in the end, and I know that I will never committ to something unless I feel that is the job for me. I am excited now, knowing that whatever the desicion, new things are coming my way again.

April 24, 2007

I'm better than I think I am

Or so it would seem. I just had a twenty minute session with a Polish girl who speaks no English and I managed to communicate soley in her native language! How fabulous am I! K and N are looking at each other incredulously and laughing right now I can tell you. Mind you, there is not exactly a shortage of Polish speaking staff kicking around our eduational establishments at the moment, so I was all they could get.

Another two interviews popped up today, both this week and both something to be nervous about. I am starting to get a little teachers rush at being so busy and doing things that you feel actually make a difference. I need to breathe and will be going straight from school for a run again to get some of the nervous energy out. When I write down about all these interviews I feel quite positive, but in reality, I have been waiting for so long that I won't be able to relax until I am interviewed and hired.

April 23, 2007

L'Italia รจ bella

Keep them rolling on in I say. There are two interviews now in the next two weeks, both of them are in Northern Italy. I am a big fan of the Italian lifestyle and have visited different parts of the country quite a few times. The sun in summer and the snow in winter, the pasta and the pizza. I love the fashion and the constant wearing of sunglasses and I think that my love of clothes would fit in quite well.Yes, I think that Italy would do nicely. Both jobs are at schools with good reputations and both are in great parts of the country. First one on Monday, fingers crossed as usual.

A school in Eastern Europe has also asked for my references today and there is still one more school to hear from yet. I am thinking my options through carefully and will not be going for any job that I am not totally committed to. That said, you always have the ones that you are rooting for, but that information is going to be kept to myself for a little while. I am starting to feel the weight leaving my chest a little bit today.

April 22, 2007

Off my knut

I am re-reading Harry Potter in anticipation of book seven and film five coming out in the next few months. I am a huge Potter fan and love reading the books over and over again. There is something so escapable about Harrys world, I really am far away in the stories when I pick up one of those books. Far away is a good thing these days.

I can't quite believe that I stayed away from my blog for three weeks, but I am ready to come back now and start whining again. Still no job news, but there are some offers and interviews and ideas being thrown around once more. Ever the optimist, I am hopeful that September will bring something new and exciting. For the moment, I am back at my old school until the end of this term. Some things have changed there and some things have not. There are still parts of being back in the UK that I do not recognise, and school is a big part of this.

I joined the gym today and have just come back from my first workout. I like running, humorous, but true. Anyone who knows me is giggling right now. I have no shame in the gym, I know that I am the scruffiest, most out of shape there, but I like it just the same. I am still desperate to know if and where I will get a job, but hey, I am a master of waiting these days.

April 19, 2007

Into the drama studio

I know that my break has been a bit longer than advertised, but there has been a good reason. I decided that I was not going to post until I had a job. Then I decided that I wasn't going to post until I had interviews. As it is, I just feel happy that I have had a blogging break and will be back on an everyday basis as soon as there is some news worth telling.

April 01, 2007

Pinch, punch, first of the month

It is getting harder and harder to blog without going back to the same topic. Even though there are other things in my life at the moment, it seems that when it comes to the sitting at the computer I just want to moan about what the waiting is like. I am sick of being encased in my own waiting drama. This blog is two years old this month and I think it is time for another hiatus. One week, maybe two. I need to find the inner blogger again and remember that this blog was not created as a springboard for my moans.

Happy Easter everyone. I'll be back soon(ish).